Friday, May 1, 2009

No more complaints

Okay, well not exactly "no more," but I'd say that I have significantly less complaints this week for some reason.  Maybe it's the miracle of the new computer table that magically appeared one day this week, followed by a brand new state-of-the-art Mac desktop computer, which I immediately positioned next to my easel to use for actual TEACHING...  Of course it could also be the new copy machines...yes that is plural, or the notice of a training on smart boards...which I hope is followed by an actual smart board.

Yes folks, the grants were written, approved, and the goods are finally being received.  The one good thing about the new administration is that they apparently DO care about technology and want to drastically change from a NO technology school, to an ALL technology school and I am so THRILLED!  THIS is the kind of CHANGE we need.  I can't wait to do my shared reading on an interactive white board and actually be able to show the children pictures and information from the INTERNET!!!! when we do our upcoming non-fiction unit.  

Now, I have to get used to not complaining.  It was so easy to sigh and say, "well, I could do this, BUT we have no internet at my school so..." or "I can't check my email during the day so..." now I have no more excuses for being out of touch with the world or keeping the students in our little bubble of blissful ignorance.  I have my work cut out for me and I need to get on the ball with this technology and get my kids connected.  I think the first thing will be a class wiki about our science observations with our planting (I went a little crazy this year with the seeds!! We have quite a garden of diverse plants growing).  I am just thrilled right now, I can't even describe how this one thing changes EVERYTHING for me and my first graders.  

This is why things are looking up and why I've changed my mind about leaving.  Things are possible at my school.  I've learned that I need to be patient with the new administration and let them come into their own.  As far as committees go and my whole negative inventory thing from last week, I cheerfully signed up for the "technology committee" this week.  Maybe we will change things.  I feel hopeful once again.