Monday, May 3, 2010

The naming of new schools

I am apologizing in advance to anyone who works at any of the schools I am about to mention. I do not know your schools individually nor do I know you. I know you are working as hard as you can to maintain a vision and to serve your students. This post is not about you, it's about the system.

Okay, now I begin! So... I have been perusing the Open Market System, looking desperately for a new position. I've reached that point! I can't help but notice as I browse a certain trend in the names I see of new schools. Here are some examples:

West Prep Academy

The Global Learning Collaborative

Innovation Diploma Plus

The Urban Assembly School For Green Careers

The High School For Language And Diplomacy

Business Of Sports School

Quest To Learn

Global Technology Preparatory

Global Neighborhood Secondary School

The Urban Assembly Institute For New Technologies

High School For Excellence And Innovation

Soundview Academy For Culture and Scholarship

These are not charter schools folks, these are new public schools in the system. They are a whole lot of fancy names for a whole lot of nothing! You see, one of these Global Urban Preparatory Assemblies For Excellence In Scholarship, etc., etc., etc., actually occupies part of the building where my good ole PS 000 is located. I can tell you that this particular school practices NONE of it's name. It's actually a very disgusting place where teachers mistreat students and do not teach them what they deserve to learn, a place where students do not even have the necessary classes in their schedules, a violent and unhealthy place that I would NEVER EVER send my own child. What is the DOE thinking? If they give a big fancy name to a school, it will change the system? It will make things better? Who are they trying to fool? Teachers? Students? Parents?

I am just so disgusted, I can't even believe I am a part of this system. Burnout? Maybe.

PS. Thank you to Frank McCourt High School for picking an appropriate name.

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