Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I guess I can't stay away

Last February I said goodbye to this blog after being exposed by a co-worker. I thought about blogging under a new name and starting over, but I decided that I have put way too much work into this blog over the years to just let it go. I changed the name of my blog and ask that anyone that links to me calls it "Ms. Peace" as a way to go under the radar as much as possible without giving up my online identity. I trust that the co-worker who found me never divulged the details of the blog to anyone else. I guess that I feel that my story still needs to be told and shared with others. While I have found a sense of stability and calm within the system at my new school (not so new feeling in year 2), I am still plagued with a sense of dissatisfaction and a feeling that things are still "not right" in the schools. I mean, how is it possible that almost 7,000 classes citywide are oversized when 32 students is that cap for grades 1-5? I can't even begin to imagine having 32 first graders in my room. I consider myself lucky that I'm not dealing with this, but feel a sense of solidarity towards those that are. Anyway, I'm back. I hope to reconnect with you all again!

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