Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dropping Like Flies

Okay, so I haven't posted for 6 months, I know that's not great, but I'm still here, still teaching in NYC, getting ready for my 10th year in the classroom.  I know I've neglected my blog for awhile and I lost a lot of readers after I changed the web address and title out of fear of being exposed, but that's not the point of this post.  Over the years, I've connected with many fellow teacher bloggers and have taken comfort in the fact that we were all in this together.  We were all dealing with similar circumstances at our schools, similar career choices, etc.  Now I click on my links of "Other Teacher Blogs I Like" and I can't help but notice that it seems that most of my colleagues in the teacher blogger world have either left the profession, left the NYC system, gone back to school, or something else.  In fact, I used to have a lot more links there, but one by one I removed each one as my fellow bloggers logged out.  They are just simply not there anymore.  Believe me, I totally understand ALL the reasons for this, I fantasize about leaving every single year, but I can't help but feel saddened and alone.   

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