Saturday, September 6, 2008

Things I love about my school

Trying to stay positive!

1. The children- gotta love em! There is never a dull moment in a room full of 6 year-olds. Seriously though, even though it can be really tough, the children are great. They need us and deep inside they really want to learn. They are waiting for us to pick them up every morning at the designated spot and if we don't come, they are full of disappointment. I have picked them up late because I was in a meeting and they always remark how relieved they are to see me and not a substitute. It's such an incredible feeling.

2. The teachers- I really think I work with the best teachers in the city hands down! The atmosphere is intellectual AND practical. They are amazing and inspirational people who really keep me going.

3. Our new windows- about two years ago, the city started replacing all of the old dingy windows in the public schools with brand new metal framed ones. I love my windows, they are so clean and let natural light in. I love opening them really wide and getting a breeze that blows the papers off the tables running through the room.

4. Professional development- There are a lot of opportunities for PD in the city. I am a perpetual student.

5. My magnetic blackboard- Even though we don't use blackboards anymore, I am fortunate enough to have a large magnetic one in the room where I can hang charts and children's work with magnets. Every teacher knows the value of a magnetic surface.

6. I am a celebrity- At my school, at least. When you have been at the same school for awhile, you have had many students in all grades. They all say hi to you when you walk past or flash you a sweet smile. Some can't contain themselves and risk punishment by jumping out of their lines to give you a hug. Other children watch on with jealousy in their eyes. Sometimes you get swarmed and have to remind them that they are in line with their teacher.

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