Sunday, June 14, 2009

The dreaded organization sheet

I already know that tomorrow is going to be insane with gossip about the impending publication of next year's organization sheet. There is bound to be scandal. Perhaps the principal will not post it, and everyone will be up in arms about how that goes against our contract. Perhaps there will be no changes at all and people will wonder if the principal will change it last minute. Our principal last year posted a different organization sheet on the last day of school at about 4 PM after people who it affected had already left for the summer. Maybe there will be drastic changes and tears amongst the staff. Excessing and switching of classrooms and grades (oh my!).

While I am fairly certain I will be staying in first grade for next year, part of me is secretly hoping that I will somehow get totally screwed by the organization sheet (not excessed, but something else). This way, I would have a good excuse for finally leaving my school. I know that sounds awful. I don't know how to explain it. I really love my school, but it has been so hard lately to work there. I always wonder if other schools are better.


WideEyedWonder said...

I know from recent personal experience that it takes something big to force you out...but for me it was the kick in the pants that I needed to find a better place for myself.

miss brave said...

Unfortunately, I'm sure we ALL wonder that...I always say there HAVE to be schools out there that are better than mine, but on the other hand I'm sure there are also worse :(

bronxteach said...

having just been excessed i'm PRAYING not just that there are better schools out there, but that i find a job at one of them.