Monday, June 22, 2009


I have never had to file a grievance with the union, but now, I'm at the end of my rope. I always saw this process as something that people do when they want to complain or get a U rating which some of them probably deserved, others maybe not etc. I think grievances are widely overused, and I never really thought I would have to file one. I thought if I worked hard, acted professionally, cared about my students, and was dedicated to my job, that this would never come up, that I would be respected by my school's administration. Why does administration think that they can consistently and systematically do things that go against our contract? Tomorrow, for the first time in my career, I am going to file a grievance for something that is so STUPID, unnecessary, and just plain underhanded. It actually makes me feel disgusted that I work at a school where this kind of stuff flies. I think our administration thinks that we are all idiots who have no idea how things SHOULD work. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose what has taken place but I am seriously rethinking whether or not I should come back in the Fall.

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