Thursday, September 10, 2009

Does anyone use Fundations for first grade word study?

If so, do you have an opinion about the program. What setting did you use it (i.e. intervention, small group whole group, etc.)? My school wants to use this program as its sole word study program for the lower grades and after reviewing the materials and the teacher's guide, I can't see myself using it. I'd rather use Fountas and Pinnell's "Phonics," but I was told "No" when I asked if I could use it. Just wondering what everyone else's experiences have been.


miss brave said...

We use it at my school! I'm in second grade, but I've done it in first grade as well. We do it as a whole-class activity every day during our word work period. I'm actually really happy with it and think it's a great program.

Anonymous said...

I just started using the fundations program last year in my first grade classroom. I use it for our main phonics and handwriting program along side guided reading. We do a 30 minute whole group lesson eveyday. Last year I saw my struggling students really benefit from the repeative drill, the tapping of words and how the program introduced chunks/word families. I like how the program is organized. Besides the skywriting in the air (my kids hate this!), the students liked the activities, especially the white boards. With my new students this year, the ones that had fundations in k are doing very well! They tapped out unknown words when I screened them. Good luck!