Monday, June 14, 2010


The organization sheet finally came out at my school today. It was weird seeing the word, "VACANCY" next to my position. Everyone was looking at me in a funny way like I had betrayed them or something. I felt guilty seeing it written there. No one on staff wants to step up and take my position. I really wish I could be leaving my classroom and my students in the hands of someone I know. At least I would know that everything I have brought in from will be used. I'm just worried that whoever gets my room won't care and will throw away all the things I worked so hard to get money for or they won't appreciate the little touches (like doorknobs on the cabinets and a fresh paint job on the counter) that I put in over the years. I feel really bad for my team teacher. I wish there were a way to make this transition smoother for her. Our teaching situation has been so tight over the past 5 years, I can't imagine someone else coming in brand new. I wish I could be there for her as she has been for me all these years, but it's time for me to leave. I can't stress about it, though. There are so many reasons why I had to leave this year, and worrying about hiring my replacement (and wondering why they haven't interviewed anyone yet) is not something I can take on at this point.

I had wanted to introduce all the kindergarten parents to the new person and print out all the September documents with their name on it. I wanted to give them a full inventory of the classroom down to the touchtone texts for reading and writing. I wanted to entrust someone with my Pinnell and Fountas "Phonics" program complete with tons of boxes of magnetic letters (all donations) and the new community play rug and car and sign set I purchased through funding from teaching the Title III after school. I want someone to appreciate the new swivel chair I was able to get funded after my old rickety wooden chair broke, the Hoover commercial vacuum cleaner that belongs to my room only. I'm definitely entrusting the gorgeous brand new play-doh baking tool set to a kindergarten teacher. I have quite the inventory and it wasn't easy to attain. I can't take any of it with me because it was all donated to the school through I'm going to have to start over writing all the grants again at my new school.

It's sad saying goodbye.


Math Teacher said...

What a vacancy and me and wife have been looking for a job in the NYC public schools for almost a year and a half the perils of not being in the system yet

Sneaker Teacher said...
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Sunny said...

Why can't you take your DonorsChoose materials with you? Aren't you in the same district?

I have moved schools and have always taken my Donor's Choose materials with me since I'm in the same district and still use them with kids.